NGO Camaquito / 'viva el fútbol'

Camaquito is convinced that sport is an important tool for the sustainable development of children and adolescents. This is why sporting activities have become an important part of the project strategy of Camaquito. Camaquito focuses on the project "viva el fútbol". By means of football games, the leisure activities are to be improved, especially in the outdoor areas. This is how the "fútbol en los barrios" program (soccer in the neighborhoods) has been created, which gives thousands of children access to football and thus to sport at all. This program is supported by FIFA, among others, with the "Football for Hope" program. Camaquito is also a member of the international network "streetfootballworld".

fútbol en los barrios & fútbol inklusión "somos más"

Children football program "fútbol en los barrios"

Since 2010, we have been trying, with the aid of football, to improve the leisure offer for children and young people, as well as to accompany them in their development on a lasting basis. Together with the Sports Directorate of the City of Camaguey as well as their main professional soccer trainers, 1000 girls and boys between 8 and 15 years are cared for.

The main tasks of Camaquito include:
- Provision of the necessary materials and infrastructure (sportswear, footballs, small football pitches, etc.)
- Organizing district championships
- Organizing sociocultural activities for children participating in the football project
- Training of the football trainers
- Exchange with other Latin American organizations that also use football as a means of development​​​​​​​

In order to make the social benefits and the sustainable development of the children even better, a project extension is planned from 2018 onwards. This provides e.g. Also the participation of the education directorate and the office of the town historian of the city of Camagüey. Thanks to these new project partners we are able to expand the range of children next to the football field. In addition to new sociocultural activities, more educational grants are also planned.

In the football project, handicapped children and young people are also involved. Twice a week, the rehabilitation center "jardin de sueños" is open for football. The fun is clearly the focus. These hours have a very positive impact on disabled children, and social skills can be promoted.​​​​​​​​​​​​

                                            "Fútbol en los barrios" kids together with Andreas Keller
(Board Member NGO Camaquito, volunteer)